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Backyard aliens (for my first subscribers)

For the 25 pioneers who subscribed after last week’s blog announcement, here’s a special welcome gift: the world premiere of my latest test. (Note to my parents: a “test” is a shoot I create, produce and finance for my portfolio.)

My 5-year-old nephew, Atticus.

Yes, Atticus. His sister’s name is India.
Take that, Hailey, Aiden and Madison!

The concept was to have Atticus scanning the sky for aliens while life continues unawares in the adult house in the background. We got about 60 shots before dusk and his acting ability vanished. Still, it’s remarkable what candy can do for a kid’s attention span. For a single, nasty Sweet Tart he’d manage five solid shots in a row.

Back at the computer, once I found this expression of amazement and horror, I knew I needed a beam coming down from the sky. When you’re a kid looking for aliens, the last thing you expect is for them to actually show up.

Killing it.

Many thanks to my crew; to Joan for the truck; and to Adam for making the antennae, overseeing the talent and allowing us to take over his entire property.

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aphotoeditor: reblogging the reblog

There’s blogging. There’s blogging about another blog. And then there’s blogging about your blog being blogged about. That’s where I’m at today.

Yesterday’s homepage of aphotoeditor featured a pullquote from my Feb. 2 post, I went to Texas. (For friends who aren’t familiar with it, aphotoeditor is a blog widely read in this bizarre industry.) To quote another photographer who emailed me:

jesus, man! your blog is a frickin’ WEEK old and you’re already on APE? I’d have to [commit violence to the blog’s creator] to get on there, and they’d still probably get my name wrong.

Makes a father feel proud.

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The squeegee and the skylight

Last night’s wind was so strong, it tore the lid off my trailer’s skylight. Oddly, the lid only blew about three feet. That’s it in the foreground.


I used the long handle of our squeegee to drop a five-pound weight on it. I never use those dumbbells anyways.

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Ke$ha knows what time it is

I shot this international campaign for Casio watches a while back, and it’s time to show some finished images. The shoot began without concept or content, just a long list of watches to feature and a reminder to make them look great. Over the next few weeks, Kesha’s label and I came up with five concepts that would be doable in a single day while she was on tour.

The concepts also had to work with her tribal/pirate/hippie/punk aesthetic, which is no small feat. Kesha nailed every setup.

Notable moments from the shoot:

  1. Hearing Casio executives exclaim excitedly in Japanese as the images appear on the monitor.
  2. After spending most of the day with my standard electronica soundtrack, Kesha asks us to “play something with some balls.” Who knew?
  3. We switch to Led Zeppelin and the White Stripes.
  4. For the final setup, prop master Shannon Amos busts out the glitter gun, raining metallic confetti down on the set.
  5. I continue to find glitter in my lighting cases for the next several months.

Many thanks to Casio America, Sony Music, my crew and Kesha’s glam team, who always make her look great.

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