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The Exxon Mobil Retiree Club of Joliet, IL

Just stumbled across this website: Exxon Mobil Retiree Club of Joliet

Sometimes you find things online that you could never quite duplicate, no matter how hard you tried. I’d love to meet the club’s members. I bet they are a hoot. (This is not some kind of sarcastic political statement about Exxon; I’d truly love to hang out with them. We could talk about graphic design.)


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Featured in new ASMP book

The American Society of Media Photographers recently released their new book, The ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography, and I’m proud to say that I’m profiled in Part III, “Case Studies for the New Economy.” This final section of the book features selected photographers and what they’ve done to adapt to a changing photographic world.

There’s a lovely three-page feature on changes I’ve made — increasing the production value in my testing and my editorial shoots (to create advertising-level portfolio images), creating unique personal projects to separate myself from the crowd, focusing on relationships with clients and potential clients, and using my imagination and concepts to distinguish my work (lots of people can light a portrait well; not everyone has ideas and imagination and an offbeat point of view).

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The Scrabble King

I know, I know … it’s been so long. And I feel guilty, blog, for neglecting you. It’s not that there’s been nothing to say. It’s that there’s been too much. This year ended up extremely busy, and the ride is finally coming to a stop for the the holidays. So let’s start catching up.

First up, one of my favorite shoots of the last few months:

The boss will see you now.

This is Carter Fortunato, in an outtake from a shoot for The Wall Street Journal. He is as dry-witted and intelligent as he looks. Once in a while you get a gift when you shoot editorial, and this was one of those times. So you step up to the plate and make it a much bigger production in terms of lighting, styling and set design. Thanks to the Fortunatos for allowing me to make their son the star.

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