The big show: February 2

It ain’t baseball, but it is the major leagues. Like probably every photographer out there, I shoot personal work and figure that, someday, when art historians are poring over my images and deciphering their meanings, there will be some kind of gallery retrospective showing a career’s worth of brilliant art produced silently and invisibly for years.

Well, brilliant or not, it’s time to stop being invisible. I’m having a major solo show, Urban Archaeology, at the New Theme gallery next Saturday, February 2.


The show is indeed a compilation of several years of work, all documenting various facets of Los Angeles, including Night Trees (all on 4×5 film) …

Night Cars (all on medium-format film) …

Night City (all on Polaroid) …

And my imagery of the work of New Theme Architecture, which is bringing new forms to Los Angeles architecture:

OK — time to get back to scanning and dust-spotting. It’s glamorous, the life of a photographer.

About ethan

A Los Angeles-based commercial photographer shooting advertising and editorial imagery for local, national and international clients.
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5 Responses to The big show: February 2

  1. alan says:

    Congratulations!!! Looking forward to the show.

  2. david mecey says:

    Very excited for you Ethan, many congrats on this opportunity. I’m looking forward to dropping in for a viewing. Take care,


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