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Way back during the great Internet bubble of the late ’90s, when people were registering domain names then selling them for wads of cash, I snared this hard-to-type, ironically inconvenient URL. Once it was clear that no one was dying to purchase it, I figured I’d hold on to it anyways. Starting a carpet-cleaning business? Passionate about short-term money loans? You never know when valueandconvenience might come in handy.¬†Well, I’ve had it for about 11 years, and I finally realized — Criminy, what a great place to start a blog.

Thus, welcome to this special place where I’ll be sharing not only what I’ve been up to but what I’ve found share-worthy out in the world. I hope you will comment, debate, complain, subscribe, unsubscribe, read with detachment, rant about kids today, et cetera.

For starters, here’s one of my favorite portraits from 2011.

This is Kevin Beckers, a Westminster High School student who tends the goats on the school’s eight-acre farm. This is the goat at its calmest. You don’t realize it, but he’s got that goat clamped between his legs and in a death-grip at the collar. Unless we were feeding them, the goats stayed as far from my lighting setup as possible.

Thanks for joining me.

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A Los Angeles-based commercial photographer shooting advertising and editorial imagery for local, national and international clients.
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3 Responses to Welcome, plus goats

  1. Welcome to blogland Ethan, it’s about time you started :)
    Miss you! xo

  2. ethan says:

    Thanks, Tali! I know — I was mostly dreading the whole thing, but I’ve actually been enjoying it. Especially once I realized that I could blog not only about shoots but about things like the skylight blowing off my trailer. Thanks for writing. I believe you are the first comment on the blog. You rock.

  3. Joshua says:

    Comment #2. Woohoo!

    Diggin’t the blog, bro. It is a perfect venue for self expression. Embrace it, and I think you will find it to be both enjoyable and cathartic.

    Dr. Stern

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