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Way back during the great Internet bubble of the late ’90s, when people were registering domain names then selling them for wads of cash, I snared this hard-to-type, ironically inconvenient URL. Once it was clear that no one was dying to purchase it, I figured I’d hold on to it anyways. Starting a carpet-cleaning business? Passionate about short-term money loans? You never know when valueandconvenience might come in handy.¬†Well, I’ve had it for about 11 years, and I finally realized — Criminy, what a great place to start a blog.

Thus, welcome to this special place where I’ll be sharing not only what I’ve been up to but what I’ve found share-worthy out in the world. I hope you will comment, debate, complain, subscribe, unsubscribe, read with detachment, rant about kids today, et cetera.

Thanks for joining me.

4 Responses to About the blog

  1. Rhoni says:

    Congratulations on your launch. You know I’d be partial to your
    dynamic iimage of the Josuha Tree and Jumbo Rocks is one of my favorite places in the Park.

  2. ethan says:

    Thanks, Rhoni. It’s great to have it up. That’s incredible that you recognize Jumbo Rocks that easily. It was the only spot left with open campsites, and I loved shooting there.

  3. Glad to see you are blogging. Good direction as well. I am subscribing.

  4. Cristie Spooner says:

    Delightful to hear from you Ethan! Of course I would love to par-take, your angle on life is always intriguing…

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