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KIPP nation

If you don’t know the Knowledge Is Power Program, they are a bunch of idealistic, tireless miracle-workers who by now have opened 109 charter schools in 20 states. You may have seen them in “Waiting for Superman” or saving kids in an underserved neighborhood near you.¬†They are the schools to which all other charter schools aspire.

They’ve also hired me for seven years straight to shoot their entire image library. State by state, school by school, we shoot ads, the website, each year’s annual report, marketing collateral. Every class is memorable. At least once a day it is magical.

Allow me to present a few ads from the past two years, plus one proud baseball player from the annual report. Thanks to the fabulous Rachel Young at the KIPP Foundation for gathering these and for running the baseball kid full-page. Thanks to Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin for starting it all.

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